Top 5 the Hottest Women Anchors Of Pakistan

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The anchor persons are those who represent any type of the TV show and program. The anchor persons are always taken as the most attractive and the most talented and active one. Here in Pakistan all the women are so hot to hold but here we shall today try to put some light on the top 5 the most attractive and the hottest women anchors.
There are a number of beautiful and the hottest ladies as the anchors in the media but we will only take 5 top most of them all. So the most attractive and cutest ever anchor persons in Pakistan are from the various TV channels and they are running mostly political shows and some of them are also running morning and other routine shows and programs.
Lo here are the top 5 the hottest female anchor persons of Pakistan with their images and brief biography and their career.

1.    Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha
Sana Bucha was a famous anchor on Geo but now she has left Geo and now she is in Dunya news. She is the top most, the hottest of all the anchor women of Pakistani media. Sana is best in hosting the political shows and she has also produced the shows and English new bulletin.

2.    Asma Sherazi

Asma Sherazi
Asma Sherazi is one of the top most attractive and the hottest women anchors of the Pakistan. She is working for the Saama TV and before this she was in Geo. She is also said to be a great supporter of the PML-N. She is here at the second rank as the hottest host of Pakistan.

3.    Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir
Nida started her career as a model. She is from the Karachi. She is the anchor of the ARY TV channel. She is doing the morning show for this channel. She is also producer of the shows and serials. She is doing Good Morning Pakistan now on ARY Digital.

4.    Fareeha Idrees

Fareeha Idrees
She was born in Lahore and did master in journalism from London. She is currently the anchor person of the Saama TV. She is the 4th the hottest anchor person of the Pakistan. She is hosting the political show. She is producer and writer of the program.

5.    Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi
Shaista Lodhi is one of the most beautiful anchors of Pakistan. She is simply the beautiful and cute but effect of charms is more than the hotness. So she is a little below here in the list.
Shaista sometimes called Dr. Shaista Wahidi or Lodhi is the 5th hottest woman anchor person of Pakistan now. She was earlier in ARY TV since 2010 but left it and now she is in Geo TV. She is doing morning shows.

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